Take A Look At Your Windows: 4 Signs It's Time For Replacement Windows

Your windows do a lot for you. They keep the unwanted elements out of your home. And, they create a barrier between your home and the outside noises. But, sometimes they wear out. When your windows do wear out, you need to replace them. If your windows aren't broken, you might think they're still serving their purpose. What you don't know is that there could be other issues at play. Read the list provided below. If you recognise any of those situations, it's time for window replacement.

Your Glass is Single-Pane Only

If you've had the same windows for years, there's a good chance they're a single-pane design. If that's the case, your home isn't nearly as safe and secure as you want it to be. Single-pane windows only provide one layer of protection against the outside elements. Not only that, but as they age, single-pane windows become brittle. Unfortunately, that increases the risk of cracks and shatters. If you're looking through single-pane windows, now's the time to order replacements. 

Your Energy Bills are Soaring

If you're doing everything you can to make your home more energy efficient, don't forget about the windows. Insulation and caulking won't do much to reduce your energy bills if your windows are still outdated. You might not realise this, but you can lose a lot of energy through outdated windows. Part of the reason is that old glass can let cold and heat get absorbed into your home. If your energy bills keep soaring, invest in window replacements right away. 

Your Windows are Whistling

If your windows have developed a whistle, it's time for replacements. As your windows age, the frames can shrink and warp. When that happens, wind can sneak through the cracks creating a whistling sound. Luckily, you can get rid of the whistle by getting rid of the old windows. Once your new windows get installed, you won't hear any more of the whistles. You also won't hear any of the outside noises that can interfere with your peace and quiet. 

Your Frames Are Timber

If you still have timber window frames, it's time to look at other options. Timber window frames may look nice. But, they can set you up for some serious problems. Timber window frames can rot after long exposure to heat and moisture. Timber window frames can also attract pests like termites and carpenter ants. To avoid those problems, install new windows in your home. Aluminium and vinyl windows will alleviate those issues.