Two Tips to Follow if You’re New to Using a Garage Door Remote

If you've bought your first garage door opener, which came equipped with one or more garage remotes, here are some tips you'll find helpful.

Make Sure the Area in Your Home Where You Keep the Remotes Is Within the Remotes’ Range 

Most garage remotes will only work when used when they're within a certain radius of the garage door that they're designed to open. The manual that came with your garage door opener and its garage remotes will specify the maximum distance at which you can use the remote to open or close the garage door. If, for example, you're planning to keep one of the remotes by your front door so that you can stand at the door and open the garage from this position, it's important to use a measuring tape to check that the distance from your front door to the garage is less than the remote's maximum functional range.

If the garage is quite far away from your front door and is far beyond the remote's functional range, and you need to be able to open the door from this position on a regular basis, it might be worth purchasing an antenna extender, that will extend the distance at which the remote functions. This could come in particularly handy on occasions when, for example, you realise after entering your house that you've left the garage door open, as you could open it from this point instead of having to put on your shoes and go outside again, just to get within the remote's working range. 

Remember That Some Appliances Can Interfere With the Garage Remote’s Functionality 

It's also important to note that some appliances in your home or garage could potentially interfere with the garage remotes' functionality. For example, LED lights can cause this issue. As such, if you have, for example, an LED lamp on an entryway table near your front door, where you plan to keep and use your remote, you might want to move this lamp elsewhere and replace it with one that uses non-LED bulbs.

Being aware of this issue will ensure that if the remote suddenly stops working as a result of this issue, you won't waste time replacing its perfectly functional batteries or taking it apart to check for broken components when the solution is as simple as moving a nearby electronic appliance farther away to stop it from interfering with this device.