Tips for Renovating a More Convenient Bathroom That's Easier to Clean

A bathroom creates a haven for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day. Unfortunately, these rooms can be one of the most unpleasant areas to clean. Plus, the moist environment can cause other inconveniences, such as fogged mirrors. Here are several ideas for making your bathroom easier to maintain and more comfortable. For more information, contact a bathroom renovation service. 

Frameless Shower

A shower curtain quickly becomes grungy and covered with mould or mildew. Glass shower screens, though, offer a smooth surface that's straightforward to wipe. They still require some effort, however. The main trouble spots on glass showers are where the metal framing connects to the panels. These joins create crevices that collect moisture and encourage mould. For this reason, opt for frameless screens that only have small hinges and brackets that require special attention.

The ultimate easy-to-clean surface is one fixed screen without a door, set in a room corner for a wet room effect. You'll only have one glass panel to worry about. Glass can also be coated with a film that prevents it from absorbing soap scum and oils. You could enquire about this possibility when installing your new shower.

Defogging Mirror

A mirror that fogs every time you bathe is a hassle. One way to create a more convenient bathroom is to install an anti-fog mirror. These versions have a heating pad on the back, which warms up the glass when you switch them on. The fog then won't form, as it only arises when warm air hits a cold surface. This means the mirror will be as warm as or warmer than the room atmosphere.

Ventilating Skylight

The dampness and humidity of bathrooms, unfortunately, harbour mould and mildew. You can't, after all, leave the fan on all day, wasting energy. A more natural alternative is to fit a ventilating skylight into the ceiling, which you can leave ajar. Warm air naturally rises, so the heat will gravitate towards the ceiling and waft outside the open skylight. With a fresh breeze circulating around the room, it will produce less mould and reduce your cleaning load.

Underfloor Heating

Another option to consider during bathroom renovations is under-tile heating. These systems consist of warm coils wound across the floor under the tiles. The tiles will heat up, and the warm air will float upwards. This will prevent dampness from sitting on the bathroom floor for hours and causing mould to develop. Plus, you'll enjoy the feeling of warmth underneath your bare toes.