Why Security Doors Should Be Your First Renovation Project At Your New Home

The safety and security of your family, pets, and all your belongings is no doubt one of your top priorities when choosing a new home. You will investigate the area, look at the surrounding houses, talk to people at the local school where your children might go, etc. What so many people forget to do is make some very simple changes to the property once they get handed the keys. Here are a few reasons why installing security doors should be your first renovation project no matter where you move in or how secure you think it is.

You Never Know Who Has Copies Of Your Keys

While you most likely will change the locks when you move in so that you know that no one else has a key to your home, you should consider doubling that precaution by installing security doors. Even if you do change the locks, it is likely that these older doors are not as strong as you might think, especially if they are made of a wooden frame and light metal hinges. Security doors ensure that if some disgruntled past owner or someone with the wrong address comes knocking, that there is a barrier between your family and them.

Quality Door For All Conditions

Apart from just being great at protecting against intruders, security doors are very strong pieces of hardware in general. Whether you live on the far north coast of Queensland or deep in the hillsides of Tasmania, your security door will be able to handle all seasons. Rain, hail, shine or storm, these doors are built to withstand hundreds of kilograms of pressure from a human attacker, so withstanding the forces of nature that are much more random and less timed is far easier. 

Dissuade Would-Be Burglars

Most of the time when people want to rob your home, they will wait until you are not there, as it is easier for them. They are, after all, looking for the easiest target, and that is where your security doors come into play. After the would-be burglars figure out that it is going to take more than a few hefty kicks to get your door down, they will most likely leave and look for a new, more vulnerable target. Breaking down a security door would take a lot of effort and create a huge noise that will not go unnoticed by your neighbours, even if you aren't home.