Inexpensive Ways to Conceptualise a Hamptons-Style Kitchen On a Modest Budget

When it comes to kitchen designs, few are as sought after as a Hamptons-style kitchen, and this is not surprising. Originating from affluent homes in New York, the Hamptons style is renowned for its effortless elegance with a touch of informality that makes it ideal for any household irrespective of the architectural style of the residence. Additionally, the coastal accents of a Hamptons-style kitchen provide you with a great way to bring the beach right into your home without having a beachfront property.

Nonetheless, contrary to popular belief, the key to bringing this vision to life is not an unlimited budget. Instead, you should focus on specific elements that will cohesively contribute to this interior design scheme. To help you embark on this project successfully, here are a few inexpensive ways to conceptualise a Hamptons-style kitchen on a modest budget.

Start with the right colour scheme

The hallmarks of the Hamptons style are light and airy spaces. Thus, when translating this into your kitchen space, a good place to start is with the colour scheme. A misassumption that people make is that the white hue that characterises this style is boring when, in truth, white comes in a variety of shades, and this allows you to experiment with the colour palette. Soft white walls, for instance, can ensure that you do not have to contend with stark white walls that are reminiscent of a sterile medical facility.

This soft white hue can be paired with whitewashed timber for your cabinetry and flooring, and this creates the seaside effect that is usually associated with a Hamptons-style kitchen. If you like bold colours, you can incorporate them into the space by selecting hues relevant to the beach. Turquoise benchtops, for example, are a great way to add a pop of colour while ensuring that you do not deviate from the essence of this kitchen style.

Install a white butler sink

An often-overlooked aspect of the kitchen is the sink. For many people, as long as they have a place to wash their dishes, they do not pay much attention to the size or even the materials their sink is made out of. However, the right sink will have a dramatic effect on bringing the Hamptons style into your kitchen. Rather than opting for the traditional metallic sink, you should consider investing in a white butler's sink.

Also known as farmhouse sinks, these fixtures do cost slightly more than their conventional counterparts, but they make up for this with the vast array of advantages that they offer. The immense depth of butler sinks makes them incredibly practical for busy households, which is a hallmark of Hamptons style. as it will accommodate a multitude of dishes, and this helps with keeping your benchtops free to use.