Th Pros And Cons Of Floor Heating

Heating your home starts from the floor up. After all, warm carpet beats cold tiles every time on a cold winter's day. But, what do you do when you want the cleaning convenience of tiles but the warmth of a carpet? Then you consider in-floor heating. Floor heating means you can walk around the house without shoes, socks or slippers every day of the year. To help you decide whether this idea suits your needs, consider these three pros and cons of floor heating

Positives Of Floor Heating

If the idea of a heated surface beneath your feet appeals to you, then you need to think about all the benefits that floor heating brings with it. Here are three big positives you gain when you have floor heating installed:

  1. The first benefit of floor heating is that you have the same amount of heat everywhere it is installed. Floor heating is uniform in that every piece of the floor covering the heating element is the same temperature. This cannot be achieved with carpet or tiles because spots that receive sunlight heat up whereas permanently shaded spots remain cold.
  2. Floor heating is a great solution for family members who suffer allergies. There is no dust trapped in the carpet fibres and no fans moving allergens around the home. Every part related to the heated floor is below the surface.
  3. Floor heating is super quiet and cannot be heard as it runs below the surface. This is a great noise reduction in your home when compared to the whirring fan noise from electrical heating options.

Negatives Of Floor Heating

In order to make a balanced decision, you need to also consider the negative aspects of floor heating. There are two main issues which fall under the negative heading:

  1. In most instances, it is necessary to remove the existing flooring to install floor heating. It may be possible to reuse the existing floor after the floor heating components are installed, but this is something you need to discuss with the installer.
  2. After the floor heating components are installed, your floor may sit slightly higher. This height difference could be 10 to 13 mm which is negligible, but some homeowners do not like the aesthetic difference.

If you love the idea of toasty feet in the winter, then have a talk to your local floor heating supplier so you can find out if this is an option which suits your home and lifestyle.