Are Retractable Awnings Worthy Buying?

The primary reason why homeowners buy retractable awnings is for protection against rain, hail, the sun, snow and wind. However, there are tons of patio cover options — so what makes retractable awnings a better alternative?

They are retractable

As the name suggests, you can retract these types of awnings during severe weather. The typical patio covers are exposed to damage every time you experience intense weather conditions. Over time the damage becomes too costly to repair. Retractable awnings are designed such that you can drawback the folding lateral arms. This ensures that they provide protection when needed and can be retracted to prevent damage when the weather conditions change for the worse.

During sunny days or light rains, you can rest under the awning, but as the wind gains momentum, you can retract it. Talk to your installer about the benefits of having manual awnings vs automatic awnings.

Increased energy efficiency

Awnings help create better outdoor living spaces, but they also protect your property from sunshine. By keeping the sunlight out of your home, it reduces the heat constraint in your home. As the sun gets hotter, it heats your home, which requires you to activate your cooling systems. These cooling systems increase energy bills which you can save by using the retractable awnings to provide shading, displace heat and reflect sunlight.

Awnings can reduce heat transfer by about 80%. They will help cool your interior naturally, thus reducing the load on your air conditioning.

Protect furniture, upholstery and flooring

Patio furniture is built to last and withstand the elements; however, they can only withstand the exposure to sun damage, rain, snow and wind for so long. Direct sunlight will also damage your deck or patio. In addition, the hot surfaces become uncomfortable to touch and use.

With retractable awnings, you can reduce the rate of damage by covering the patio furniture or providing shade for your indoor furniture. The furniture will fade as it ages, but sun damage can accelerate the process of fade and discolouration.  

Property appeal

Retractable awnings are seen as stylish fixtures that increase the value of a house by adding curb appeal and creating additional living space outside your house. The awnings will also reduce the heat entering your house by providing shade over your windows and doors. This will reduce your cooling bill significantly, and potential buyers will want to buy an energy-efficient home.

As you can see, retractable awnings have tons of benefits; thus, they are worth installing.

For more information, contact an awnings service.