Cost-Saving Advice For New Kitchens

If you want a new kitchen, then there is virtually no end to the ways you can spend your money obtaining one. Whether you are talking about luxury fittings, new lighting or upgrading your kitchen appliances, it all adds up. However, it need not be that designing and fitting a new kitchen will necessarily break the bank. If you would like to obtain a great new kitchen but without overspending, then what are the cost-saving tips you should be following?

  • Use a Free Design Service

Firstly, many good kitchen wholesale operators will have an in-house design service that you can make use of for free. Although you will need to provide basic details, such as the dimensions of your kitchen, this will allow you to work out the best arrangement of all of the kitchen units without spending a cent. Of course, this sort of kitchen wholesale service will mean you need to buy your units from the design that has been generated, but this is often a cheaper way of proceeding anyway. Alternatively, you can design your own kitchen from scratch. However, this will sometimes lead to unforeseen problems — unless you are experienced in kitchen design, that is ― which can mean a higher level of expenditure than you had first accounted for.

  • Buy From a Wholesaler

Whether or not your kitchen design has been put together by your wholesaler, it is a good idea to buy your cabinets and kitchen benchtops from a wholesale operator. If you rely on your kitchen fitter to supply your units, then there will usually be some form of markup involved. In short, it is better to go to a kitchen wholesale outlet and purchase the units you need before hiring a kitchen fitter to install them for you, rather than the other way around.

  • Avoid Remodelling (Unless You Have To)

If you do you not need to do so, then your kitchen renovation project should not change the footprint of your existing kitchen. Although remodelling your home to make a larger kitchen may be something that you want to do, moving internal walls and adjusting the position of windows is an expensive way to proceed. For the most cost-effective results, therefore, you should stick with the existing kitchen dimensions you have. Remember that you can radically alter the layout of your kitchen to make it seem as though you have more space without remodelling.