Summertime Salutations: How to Design Beautiful Seasonal Bouquets for Your Customers

As a wholesale plants florits looking to provide your customers with beautiful arrangements for next summer, it's important to know which flowers to feature. Even if your customers may not know specifically which flowers belong to which season, a bouquet comprised of all the 'right' flowers will still evoke that warm, bright feeling. Of course, colour is extremely important to consider — but once you have a colour scheme in mind, which flowers should you include?


Mostly available in stunning shades of red and pink, these beautiful flowers are both eye-catching and soft. They are commonly used in bridal bouquets, so they'll add a feeling of romance to any arrangement. They're very versatile, too; they're interesting enough that they could comprise the main body of a bouquet but would also pad out a larger arrangement beautifully.


These stunning white flowers are romantic and light, and will add a feeling of freshness to any collection. They're a nice in between size — big enough to add a real kick to your bouquet, but without overpowering the 'headline' flower. Combine them with pastels or whites for a soft and pretty arrangement, or use them to break up and add variation to a bouquet of much stronger hues.


Big and colourful dahlias are a nice staple for any summer bouquet. They require strong, full sunlight to grow properly, and it shows — their big, full faces almost look like miniature suns themselves, especially in the right colour. Their openness and size make them suitable for all different kinds of arrangements, and of course they're available in plenty of colours too.


These daisy-like, open-faced flowers are a fine way of adding padding with substance. You can find many of warm-hued varietes to complement your colour scheme, and two-toned varieties can add real interest to an otherwise less adventurous display.


Although these are perhaps best used as filler instead of the main feature of a bouquet, the soft colour and unique shape of lavender will add visual interest to any arrangement. They can break up the monotony of more flat flowers, giving shape and form as well as colour. Of course, they also smell beautifully.


If any flower screams summer, it's a zinnia. Their fullness and pretty colours speak volumes about warm weather and sunny days. They're quite large, so they'll take up a lot of space, and may need to be broken up with something taller to add variety — but they're certainly worth adding to any arrangement.

Of course, there are a vast number of options, and a summer bouquet need not be comprised entirely of flowers which are only available in summer. Using plenty of them will simply help to give your arrangement that indescribable summer feeling, and customers will certainly be drawn to that.