Some Precautions to Note When Installing New Stairs at Home

When it's time to get a new staircase installed in your home, you may want to choose something very stylish that really stands out, as stairs can be a focal point of any space, especially an entryway. Wider and deeper stairs may also be safer for you or for someone in the family with balance issues. However, when choosing the design of stairs for a home, you might note a few precautions, as you don't want to do anything that could detract from the look of your stairs and even compromise their safety.

Floating stairs

Floating stairs can be very stylish and attractive; these stairs are attached to a wall individually, so there are no risers behind each step. This style can be good for smaller homes, where you don't want the stairs to overwhelm the space. This style might not be the best, however, for a home with pets or small children, who might actually slide through the back of each step and get stuck or suffer a fall! If there is nothing behind the steps to interrupt the view between each tread, this can also make it difficult to see each stair, which is something to consider for those who may have diminished eyesight or balance issues.  

Modern metal

Stainless steel stairs or railings can help create a modern look in the home and break up the look of timber floors or floral upholstery on your furniture. One drawback to metal that you might consider is that if the stairs will be exposed to lots of direct sunlight, the metal could become hot to the touch. Metal can also conduct cold, so your home might seem more chilly in the wintertime if you use metal for your stairs. If this might be a concern, consider acrylic stairs for a modern look.

Stylish railings

A staircase designer can create a railing out of almost any material, and carved wood or painted glass can mean a staircase that is unique and personal and a perfect fit for your home. One precaution to consider if you are thinking of having a railing made for you is to ensure you don't compromise safety. Be sure you can still grip the top of the railing and that the balusters would stop you from falling off the stairs if you should trip or take a tumble. You also want to ensure children wouldn't get a finger stuck in any part of the design of your baluster and that they can also use the railing for safety when climbing the stairs.

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