Simple Touches to Make Your Home's Interior Updated and Attractive

If your home's interior seems a bit outdated, or even downright bland and dull, you typically don't need to spend thousands of dollars to actually renovate the space. A few simple touches can easily update any home's interior, making it seem welcoming, attractive and more personal to you. Note a few suggestions you might try inside your home.

Wall colour

Plain white paint on the walls will make any space seem cold, bland, boring and even a bit unwelcoming, no matter the other colours and accents in that room. If you're afraid of trying a new colour on the walls for fear of overwhelming the space, opt for something warm but not overly dark. This might be a sandy tan or mint blue. You might also just paint an accent wall  a bright or vibrant colour and see if that brings some life into the space!


One small picture on a wall isn't usually enough to bring a space to life, so try creating a gallery look, with lots of pictures and artwork of various sizes placed randomly on a wall. You might also add depth to the walls with shallow shelves or ledges, and then set artwork pieces on those shelves, rather than hanging them from the walls. A shelf can also hold a candle or two, which brings in light and warmth.

Area rug

If your home's carpeting or timber flooring is in good condition, you may not think to add an area rug to the space. However, even the best carpet or tile on the floor can seem bland and dull. Choose an area rug in a warm colour that complements the furnishings and linens in the room for a cosier touch in that space.

Custom curtains

A room's window treatments can enhance the space, making it look more relaxing or more elegant, or they can actually make a space seem cold, industrial and dull. Take an honest look at the window treatments you have in a room, and swap out dull metallic vertical blinds or store-bought and boring curtains for something custom made. A warmer or bolder colour on the curtains, which can be made to perfectly complement the other colours in a room, can make a room seem updated and modern. Custom curtains can also fit a window perfectly and be made to your personal style, so you can have modern sheers that are light and breezy or elegant drapes that make a room seem rich and grand.