3 Options for Cleaning Very Dirty Blinds

Most blinds in residential settings can be kept clean using a feather duster or a wet rag without having to remove those blinds from their mountings. However, these simple options may not suffice if those blinds get very dirty, such as after several months of neglect when you were away on vacation. This article discusses some options that you can consider for such demanding cleaning tasks.

Use a Hose

The first option that you can consider is taking the blinds outside and using your garden hose to clean them. Follow the guidelines provided in the manual as you remove the blinds from their mounting. Select an outdoor location where you can use the garden hose freely without any fear that the water used will reach a place where water shouldn't reach. Make sure that the blinds won't be damaged by being exposed to excessive amounts of water. For example, vinyl blinds won't be negatively affected by this cleaning method.

Use the Bathtub

It may be difficult to access an outdoor area that is appropriate for cleaning your blinds with a garden hose. For example, people who live in congested urban areas may not have any free space outside for this cleaning assignment. Such people can use their bathtub as a temporary cleaning venue. Soak the blinds in a mixture of mild detergent and water. Scrub those blinds gently and rinse them with clean water. Let them dry before you can reinstall them on your windows or doors. The only shortcoming of this method is that you will have extra work to clean the bathtub after you have cleaned the blinds.

Visit the Carwash

Does the thought of placing extremely dirty blinds in your bathtub make you develop goose bumps? Consider taking those blinds to a carwash if you don't have space outside your home to clean the blinds using a garden hose. You can use the high pressure hoses to get rid of the dirt in a short time. Make sure the water pressure is adjusted to a level that won't ruin or damage the blinds.

The suggestions above can only work for blinds that don't have any special cleaning requirements, such as embedded stains. Consult a supplier of blinds if you aren't sure how to properly clean the blinds you have or if you have new blinds. The advice you get will save you from taking measures that can cause additional harm.