3 Ways Shade Sails Raise the Value of a Property

The Australian climate has been getting warmer, with record-beating temperatures being noted over the last couple of years. As such, Australian homeowners have found that shade sails are essential, especially for people living in the northern part of the country. When the sun is high and hot, shade sails protect you from the scorching rays of the sun while allowing you to enjoy the breeze outdoors. However, did you know that having shade sails installed on your patio could increase the value of your house? In this article, you will find out how shade sails increase a property's value, especially if you are planning to sell the home in future.  

Offers Low Maintenance Cooling -- As Australians continue to experience record-breaking temperatures, prospective homeowners are looking for a property that allows low-maintenance cooling costs. Although most properties are equipped with the latest energy-efficient A/C systems, shade sails offer prospective homeowners an opportunity to cut the costs even further. Shade sails allow air to flow freely, thereby keeping a property cool. Low cooling costs allow you to quote a premium rate for your house. With such houses being in demand, most prospective homeowners will not haggle much—they stand to recoup some money through cost savings realised in cooling costs.

Expands Leaving Space -- The ease with which one can install a shade sail makes expansion of your leaving space easy. While patios perform the same functions as a shade sail, the former is a permanent structure and might need a special development approval from the local council. Notably, patios make it challenging to expand the living space of a property. Putting up a shade sail, on the other hand, is easy, as one only needs a canopy, posts, and steel wires. Since sails are not permanent, they can be moved around to increase space. The attribute raises the appeal of the property significantly, thereby creating demand and increasing value.

Versatility -- Shade sails come in different shades, sizes and designs, which allow a homeowner, for instance, to change colour depending on different climate seasons or events. Besides, the various shade sail shapes available make it possible for homeowners to try different layout designs on their property. For instance, combining a triangular-shaped shade sail and a rectangular one will ensure that you can achieve maximum shade as well as improve the look of your property. Although it is possible to change a patio's colour, it is an expensive and time-consuming process when compared to shade sails.