Two features to add to your garden to make it perfect for parties

If you enjoy hosting barbecues and al fresco dinner parties, here are a few features which you might want to add to your garden, to ensure that it serves as the perfect venue for your outdoor soirees.

A pergola

One of the pitfalls of hosting a party in your garden is that you are at the mercy of the elements.

If you are having an outdoor get-together on a particularly bright, sunny day, your guests may find themselves feeling overly warm as a result of the blazing heat of the sun. Worst still, they could end up with a sunburn. This type of physical discomfort could affect their ability to relax and enjoy your party.

As such, if you live in an area with a warm climate, it might be worth having a pergola built in your garden. This type of structure can provide you and your guests with a shaded outdoor area, that enables all of you to enjoy the outdoors without having to endure excess sun exposure.

It can also protect your guests from sudden downpours and thus allow them to socialise outside, even if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Whilst you could simply place a large umbrella on your outdoor dining table to shield your visitors from the elements, this item is nowhere near as elegant or as robust as a pergola.

Furthermore, the latter could potentially increase your home's value, provided your pergola builders use high-quality materials to construct it.

Outdoor lighting

If your garden parties tend to carry on late into the evening, it is absolutely essential to ensure that your outdoor space is well-lit.

There are two types of lighting that you will need to purchase. The first is ambient lighting; things like fairy lights strung on the trees in your garden and lanterns that can be hung from the pillars of your pergola will help to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

The second is functional lighting; this will illuminate your garden so that your guests can see and avoid stumbling into things when they are walking around your outdoor space after dark. This form of lighting is particularly important, as it could spare your guests the pain and stress of falling and injuring themselves.

Some examples of functional lighting that you might want to buy include are LED lights for any sets of steps in your garden and underwater lights, that can be submerged into any water features you have in your outdoor space.