Classy Kitchens: 4 Design Ideas to Extract Style From Function

No other room in your home will ever be more purposely designed for functionality and practicality than your kitchen. With so much function to fit into the small space of kitchens, it's easy for style to be put on the back burner. But that means having to live with a monotonous kitchen every day. While functionality is an integral part of a good kitchen, there's a lot you can do to bring your kitchen to life with style and character. Break free of the clutter and follow these great design ideas to obtain style from your functional kitchen.

Gadgets for Style and Function

Spend time looking for innovative gadgets and come up with interesting ways to better use kitchen space. The most stylish gadgets are the ones that bring a fresh new perspective to standard functional features. Look for ingeniously stacked drawers that will reduce the space utilised in your kitchen, while giving you the neat storage you require. Consider sleek electric glass-top stoves that integrate seamlessly into your benchtops. The idea is to combine functionality with style – without compromising one for the other.

Brighten The Space 

Kitchens are perfect for letting colour shine through. Why go with plain neutral colours when you can infuse a touch of vibrancy into your kitchen? Bright yellows, greens and oranges look great in kitchens because they conjure up a fresh foodie feel. Take care not to overdo your kitchen by colouring everything in sight. It can be very effective to utilise splashes of colour for a symmetrical design theme. A simple idea is to keep your walls and sideboards neutrally coloured and embellish them with brightly coloured designs and tiles. Get accessories like teapots, jars and kettles in bright colours to match your colourful kitchen design idea.


Too many kitchen items and accessories will make it seem like a busy and cluttered space. Match up items so that your kitchen doesn't feel chaotic. Kitchen items should have enough structure to stay functional while harmonising them will also add style and flair. Uniformity is an important style choice when it comes to kitchens. Avoid mixing a vintage with modern style together. Don't mix natural items with synthetic either. For example, don't try to match a natural-looking rustic wooden benchtop with plastic laminate cupboards – it will look peculiar.

Adapt To Taste

Create a kitchen that matches your cooking taste buds to reflect your personality. If you cook earthy, comfort food, you might want to design your kitchen with a rustic feel – consider wooden benchtops, wooden furniture and iron kitchen tools to complement your food taste. If you are into health and contemporary cooking, you might want to modernise your kitchen space – go for rich granite benchtops, clean stainless steel items and splashes of green and yellow.

Kitchens are more than just cooking spaces – they are at the heart of everything you do in your home. Whether you're looking to reinvent your old kitchen or are investing in completely new kitchens, get inspired and transform your space with these ideas designed to extract style from functionality.