Why Waterbeds Help You Make a Swift Recovery From Surgery

Once you've undergone a surgical procedure, it can be a huge relief to know that it's out of the way. In many cases, you will have had plenty of time to worry while the date slowly approached, and even knowing it will help with a medical problem doesn't do much for stress reduction.

After an operation, however, despite how relieved you feel, it's important to put your efforts into making a good recovery. Depending on the procedure you've had done, plus your personal circumstances, you might be resting up either in the hospital or at home.

If you're going home to get better, investing in a waterbed could be a massive help when it comes to making a speedy recovery. Here's why.

Better sleep

It's no big secret that getting enough good quality sleep is immensely helpful for the body's healing. Sleep also helps your mental health, reducing stress and negative emotions.

Ordinary mattresses aren't the most comfortable, and when you're recovering from surgery, all those little bumps and uneven patches can seem magnified. With a waterbed, you get a smooth, even surface to lie on, and a proven ability to help you sleep better.

More comfortable rest

That smoother surface doesn't just help you sleep—it makes the whole experience of resting in bed a far more pleasant one.

Often, recovering from a surgical procedure means you'll be spending a lot of time in bed, off your feet. It's important to have the most comfortable bed you can, and a waterbed will give you just that.

High levels of hygiene

Hospitals have a huge focus on hygiene, and with good reason. When you go home to recover, however, few people are able to attain the high standards of a clinical environment.

Because waterbeds contain the water in a vinyl outer, they're far more resistant to dirt and bacteria. A simple wipe-down is usually all they need to stay clean, helping you avoid any infections.

Reduction in bedsores

Spending a lot of time lying in bed leads to a significant risk of developing bedsores. With more gentle give and a much more comfortable surface, bedsores are minimised with waterbeds.

Pain relief

Recovering from surgery can be a painful experience, both because of the operation itself and the aches and pains caused by resting for long periods. Not only do waterbeds reduce your pain through providing extra comfort, but many models can also be gently heated to soothe your muscular pains.