Top Tips for Integrated Pest Management

Most facility managers have many concerns that have to be addressed on a daily basis. One of these concerns is to ensure that there is proper sanitation in the facility. When creating a cleaning program, the most essential consideration is to have a pest management plan in place. Poor sanitation causes pest issues, and this is why it is important to understand different kinds of pests to look out for and how you can prevent them.

An integrated pest management approach is effective and friendly to the environment. It can help control and manage pests in any facility. The principle of integrated pest management includes the use of pesticides, pest habitat modification, and structural modification.

When you make the corrective measures outlined below, pests will have a hard time entering your work or living space. Listed below are interactive pest management steps professionals recommend:

  1. Trim vegetation and branches far from the office or home foundations to prevent the entry of pests.
  2. Mulch should be moved away from the foundation. Mulch contains moisture, and this can attract termites and harbour pests.
  3. Conduct the installation of door sweeps to seal all cracks on your doors tightly. Consider checking if there is light at the bottom of each door. If you notice any light, you will know you require new door sweeps.
  4. Move all your firewood away from the structure's foundation. Firewood can attract termites and bugs to your home.
  5. All the exterior trash bins and cans should be tightly closed. Remove the trash each day and get rid of any food particles that could attract pests such as flies and ants.
  6. Avoid leaving pet food outside all day. Pet food attracts animals and insects when left outdoors. Ensure that your pets eat at specific times. Once they are done eating, get rid of the remnants. Use the same approach to deal with human food. Ensure that leftovers are thrown out in secure garbage bins.
  7. Repair plumbing leaks as well as sprinklers and make sure gutter downspouts empty away from the office or home. Damp wood rots and attract termites and other organisms that destroy wood.
  8. Consider using yellow bulbs for your outdoor lighting fixtures. This discourages pests. Be sure to move lighting far from the structures if you can because lighting attracts flying insects, which in turn attract spiders.

Ensure you follow all these integrated pest control tips and your facility will be pest free.