How to Update and Modernize Your Bathroom When On a Budget

Modernizing a bathroom is very easy when you have an unlimited budget and can tear out all the walls, flooring, and fixtures, and then rebuild the bathroom from the floorboards up, but not every homeowner can afford such a project. However, you don't need to completely renovate your bathroom to update it and make it look more modern and attractive, and to create more storage in the space as well. Note a few simple fixes and changes you can make in your home's bathroom that won't break your budget, but which can give you a more welcoming and usable space overall.


You typically don't need to replace a bathroom vanity to update its look, although a new vanity may be very affordable. Since vanities are often a centrepiece of the bathroom, this can give the space an immediate facelift. If the current vanity is in good condition, however, consider painting it, and then replacing the top. You can add a new tile mosaic or even a laminate cover on the vanity for a very affordable price, and the piece will then look brand new.

Floating shelves

A shelving unit in the bathroom may seem very obtrusive in a smaller space, but floating shelves can be what you need to add visual interest and storage. Floating shelves are somewhat small, and attach to the wall with hidden brackets, so they become virtually invisible. Adding fluffy towels and linens to the shelves opens up space in a linen closet, and also works to give colour and texture to an otherwise dull wall space.


You may not give much thought as to the bathroom door, but an old and dingy door will do nothing to enhance the space, whereas a new door made of rich wood can create a welcoming look for the bathroom's entryway. You might even just paint the current bathroom door a rich tone that coordinates with the bathroom colours, and then swap out the hardware for a new, stylish door handle and hinges to complete the look.

Shower screen

A dingy shower curtain or an outdated sliding shower screen can detract from the bathroom's overall look, whereas a new glass shower screen can give it an instant update. Frameless glass is very modern and works well with any style in the bathroom, or you might opt for an oversized metal frame and hinges for more metallic elements in the bathroom. You might even choose etched glass for depth and texture, or tinted glass for added colour in the bathroom.

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