Curtain Trends You Might Consider

A room's window treatments are as important as any other design element, as curtains can enhance a space, or outright detract from its overall style. This is why it's important to shop carefully when you need new curtains for any room of your home, as you don't want to end up with unsightly fabrics that clash with the room's furniture, or with a pattern that overwhelms the space. To ensure you end up with new curtains that you love, note a few trends you might consider for your home.

Mixing fabrics

If you can't decide on formal velvet drapes or light linen curtains, you might mix these fabrics! A custom curtain maker can sew velvet strips into linen panels so that you have curtains that seem somewhat formal, but which still move in a breeze. A curtain maker might add a thick velvet border to soft silk curtains, for a very rich look. Mixing any such contrasting fabrics can give you a set of curtains that are unique and that work well for any space of the home.

Decorative curtains

When curtains are opened, that folded fabric on either side of the window can add warmth and style to a space, but closing the curtains might mean a large wall of fabric that is rather unsightly. This is especially true if you want a bold colour or pattern for the curtains.

One option you might consider are decorative curtains, or those that are not meant to be opened and closed. This can mean panels that are purposely folded so that they stay open and add that depth and texture to the room, or velvet curtains that are permanently opened with a swag. Sheers or blinds can cover the windows and provide privacy, so you get the look of the thick curtains you prefer without having to ever move them from their preferred spot.

One panel

Curtains are usually installed in pairs, so that you open one panel to each side of the window. However, a good style to try, especially in a smaller space, is to use just one curtain panel. When you open this panel to one side of the window or the other, this asymmetrical look can be very stylish. This is also good if there are two windows in a room and you want to place something between those windows, such as a bed or sofa; opening each panel to either side can create a framing look for the piece, for a very attractive style.