How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Home

Blinds are a good choice for any home's windows, as they're smaller and more compact than curtains, but can still offer lots of colour and texture, adding personality to the windows along with privacy and light blockage. There are many different types of blinds on the market when it comes to their material and overall appearance, so note a few tips on how to choose the best blinds for every room in your home.

Light filtering

The colour of blinds doesn't necessarily affect how much light it will block, as dark blinds may be made of a very porous fabric that purposely lets in light. Some blinds are also referred to as light diffusing or light filtering, and these are also made with a porous or thin material that is meant to just obscure light, not block it completely. These may not be the best choice for bedrooms or a living room, where you might want total light blockage when the blinds are closed.


Metal blinds are very durable and may be good if you have pets who poke their noses through the blinds, as even smaller animals can easily shred very thin, lightweight vinyl blinds. However, metal blinds can make banging noises when used on French doors, or in a draughty home, where the blinds might "slap" against a window.

Wood blinds are also very durable against abuse, and are much quieter, even when they move. Wood is also less likely to show marks from animal noses and paw prints, or even your own fingerprints, so wood blinds are easier to keep clean. Wood also doesn't show grease and other such debris, so this material is a good choice for kitchens, where humidity and cooking oils might settle onto the blinds.


Never settle for dull, industrial-looking blinds for your home, as any window treatment you choose will affect the overall appearance of a room. Opt for blinds with a warm colour if the room seems dark and dreary, or fabric blinds if you need to add some softness to a modern style or wood furniture pieces. Custom blinds can also be made of any colour or design you choose, so you can opt for a tone that perfectly complements upholstered furniture or linens in the bedroom, or have a custom design painted on the front of blinds, so your window treatments look like artwork when closed. This will ensure your blinds enhance the room and are more than just functional.